Covid-19’s Bad Effect on Sugar

Sugarauthority Covid-19’s Bad Effect on Sugar: Customers began stockpiling sugar before global lock-ups when the COVID-19 was spread to other regions of the world. Despite the fact that the next wave of domestic consumption arrived quickly, it became clear that this would not be enough to compensate for the loss of sugar used in domestic […]

Sugar Industry in South Africa

Sugarauthority Sugar Industry in South Africa Due to its agro-industrial developments, foreign exchange profits, job growth, and connections with distributors, the supporting industries, and clients, the South African sugar sector is making an important profit in the process. Approximately 85 000 workers are in direct employment in the sugar business. The sugar industry provides direct […]

Guiding the sugar route

Sugarauthority Guiding the sugar route Various enterprises remain robust, despite the many obstacles facing the sugar industry. Their focus is clear and they will continue to drive the development of performance. This is critical not only in financial and operational success but also in improving health and safety, advancing towards their sustainability targets of 2030 […]