Sugar Authority

is the global leader

in the supply of sugar and sugar-based products.

Our objective is to answer our customer’s needs, sell and export sugar, provide sugar in global markets and build robust relationships with companies that share the same interests in the business.

SUGAR AUTHORITY is an exportation company. The nature of inter-company relations is  B2B. For instance, merchandisers, suppliers, stakeholders and businessmen are considered as the main partners of Sugar Authority.

Our target market is Brazil, India, United States, European Union, China and Thailand.


We are proud to be working sustainably. We assume responsibility for our actions and the consequences they have on our surroundings. Every one of us is accountable for our responsibilities and contributes to our firm’s success.


We are enthusiastic and committed to our careers. We are the leaders in what we are doing. Our success relies on teamwork.


Our determination guides us to be original, creative and dynamic. That's going to push us to our limits.